For the past three years I have shared a room with roommates at school; freshmen year I was in 10 person suite with two bathrooms, a mini kitchen, and common room. I shared a small triple bedroom with two other girls.

Sophomore year we had an on campus apartment; four girls in one bedroom with a huge living room and decent size kitchen. We even had a mini breakfast nook room which was adorable. 

Junior year we had a smaller on campus apartment, three girls, one tiny bedroom and a smaller living room and kitchen.

I've done a pretty good job over the years of making my little corner of my dorm room feel homey. I've reflected my personality with my bedding, posters, pictures, and desk accessories. I've always felt at home in my dorm rooms but this year, it was a different experience.

I finally moved off campus into my own apartment with three great girls. We all have our own rooms (at the price of not having a living room which is fine) and I could not wait to decorate it. 

I don't have my own room at home either so I have been craving some alone time in my new house. I couldn't wait to decorate and feel completely at ease with my own style. I've always been fascinated with interior design and I owe that all to my mother who has an eye for design. I've had secret pinterest boards dedicated to how I wanted my room to look since I signed the lease.

 My desk area

I have the biggest room in the house which is probably a good thing because I am a complete hoarder. I didn't buy new bedding from last year because I loved the colors and design of the pink and black. I knew I could work with this bedding, even if I really wanted Lilly Pulitzer bedding.

I decided to paint my walls gray. A few of my sorority sisters had gray rooms last year and I loved them! I love how gray goes with anything and it doesn't have to be depressing or gloomy. I definitely brightened up the gray walls that my dad and aunt painted; the color is called "Stormy Monday"--how do you not love that name?

My furniture is all mismatched but I am totally okay with that, it adds a little character to my room. My favorite piece of furniture I have is a little six cubby hole dresser; you could see that I have draws on the bottom and open cubbies on the top. Towels, handbags, and a bunch of nonsense fill the open cubbies while sweatshirts, jewelry, and crafts fill the drawers.

I have a shrine to my sorority which all my friends enjoy making fun of. I have so much memorabilia and needed a place to display all of it. I really love how it turned out, despite everyone's silly comments.

My room doesn't have a closet so my aunt found me this nifty clothes display closet. It's more than big enough for all my clothes (I just need more hangers). I didn't think that I would like it because it would take up a lot of space and be awkward but I actually love it;  it's different, cute, and unique.

I decorated as much as possible but I still have some photos to print out and hang up to add some chicness but I think my room is decorated pretty cute.

I wanted to have my room be simple and chic, like something you see out of a magazine or online. I had this image in my head of what I wanted it to look like and it pretty much is perfect to me.

My favorite part of my room (aside from my sorority shrine) is the decorative touch to my cubby and nightstand. I love the table top books and british crown design along with my pink lamp and "Life is Measured.." quote. It's so ME.

I could not be happier with how my room turned out; it's simple, neat, and messy all at the same time. It reflects me and feels like I've been living there for years instead of just a few weeks. 

A bedroom is a sanctuary, it should be treated like one.

What is your favorite part of your room?

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