My daily beauty routine has drastically changed over the past year. I've mentioned it before how having this blog has changed my beauty regime. I've discovered new products, tried out different things, and developed a much more appreciative attitude toward beauty products.

I'm a person who loves routines and all summer, I had the same routine: moisturizer, BB Cream, liquid blush, Erase Paste concealer, eyeliner and mascara. It was very simple, very to the point, and I was fine with it.

With the Fall quickly approaching, my make-up routine is changing, even from day to day, everything I do is different.

Here's my current, favorite make-up routine for a simple week day that consists of classes, meetings, and work!
Beauty Routine 2013

I start with a nice cleanser; my favorite is the Clean and Clear Morning Burst because the tiny beads really do help wake you up. I also love the new gel moisturizer that Morning Burst released a few months back. The gel is so light on my face and doesn't make me feel greasy.

My under eye circles are the worst so I do everything I could to de-puff them; an under eye roller paired with Benefit's Oo La Lift is a great pre concealer regime.

I already raved about Maybelline's FIT Me Foundation so that's up next, and then my concealer. I've been taking a break from Erase Paste and have been sticking with the quick and simple Maybelline Age Rewind. It's too easy to not love.

A translucent powder has made it's way into my beauty box; I love setting my under eye concealer with Revlon's Photo Ready pressed translucent powder. It makes everything smooth and pretty.

Next up is my bronzer; I've gone back to my beloved Rimmel London matte bronzer; I'm going to need a new one soon since I could see the bottom of the pan on mine. It gives the perfect glow with no shimmer added. I've also been loving my NYX blush in Angel. It's not too powdery, it almost has a cream like base and it's not too pink--the perfect Fall transition color.

I keep my eyes simple during the day; just some Eyeko liquid liner with a felt tip pen (sometimes I use olive instead of black) and some Pixi mascara.

I've started filling in my brows (not shown here but I use Flower Beauty Eyebrow Pencil) and set them with the Anastasia Brow Gel which works like glue.

After all that, I'm good to go and my make-up usually lasts throughout the day with no primer. In between I will powder up with my Maybelline Dream Matte pressed powder to soak up the sweat and oil.

I'm sure once the weather gets a lot cooler and I find new products my routine will switch again!

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