A girl with one extra year’s education can earn over 20% more as an adult. 

As we, in developed countries, gear up for back to school season, there are 66 million girls around the world that are out of school and so desperately wish they were.

There are so many facts surrounding girls and education in developing countries, facts that are unbeknownst to the common person. These hard hitting truths are showcased in the form of the film “Girl Rising.”

“Girl Rising” is a documentary that was released in March 2013. It follows the story of nine girls in a number of different countries across the developing world. The film is narrated by Hollywood’s biggest names such as Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Selena Gomez, and many others. 

I saw a screening of the film at the Her Campus Her Conference and was hit square in the face with the scary truth that education is not the same for everyone around the world. These girls that are in the film so desperately want to attend school, something I have had the luxury of doing for so many years.

While away at Camp GAEL this summer, one of the student leaders at Iona showed a trailer for "Girl Rising" and I was once again I was hit with the realization of how privileged I am and how difficult it must be for those girls in developing countries. 

“Girl Rising” gives it to us straight; putting more girls in education around the world will save their lives. Giving girls an education can help save lives, it can make the world a better place.

Most have never thought about it that sense but according to the facts, it’s true. Girls with eight years of education are four times less likely to be child brides, which is something that is very common in these developing countries. 

When those girls aren’t married off to older men, they are not going to get pregnant and have to deliver a child, which will save their life since the number one cause of death amongst girls ages 15-19 is childbirth. 

“Girl Rising” really put things in perspective; we sometimes take education for granted and complain about going to school meanwhile there are girls who would do anything to attend one single class. 

In the film, one young girl’s mother didn’t have the money to pay for school and her teacher kicked her out of class because of this matter. The girl came back to class every day and told her teacher that she would keep coming back until the teacher allowed her to stay. 

That little girl fought for her right to learn, her right to an education. All these young girls around the world are fighting for their rights to a proper schooling and it’s important to realize that giving a girl an education can change the course of her life which can change the course of the world.

For more information on Girl Rising, check out their site.

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