Even becoming a self proclaimed beauty "guru" over the summer and even with all the new products I've tried out, there was one type of make-up that every women uses that I had yet to tackle.

The ever popular, ever controversial foundation.

I've experimented with foundation before but liquid foundation is not for me. I found it to be cakey and too difficult to apply. I like a no fuss make-up routine. Also, I never felt the need for foundation, it was just too much for an everyday look.

I had put off purchasing a new foundation for months because I was content with not using one, until I saw advertisements for Maybelline FIT me Stick Foundation. It's not liquid, it's not powder, it's in stick form! How versatile and new!

I have never seen anything like this before but the ads, both print and on television made it look so easy, fun, and useful. I did what I normally do before buying an entire new product, I read reviews and watched tutorials. A lot of the tutorials said it was good for young skin and someone looking for light to medium coverage.

Like I've said before, my skin is not terrible but I have noticed some redness and some discolortion so I thought that after the reviews and tutorials, this stick foundation was perfect.

Well, a lot of other people thought it was perfect too because when I went to the drug store, on two separate occasions, they were all sold out! I couldn't believe it--I've never seen any beauty product in my local drug store completely sold out. 

On my third try, there was one stick left and it was my shade, 220 Natural Beige. I was so excited to use it and it honestly did not disappoint. I've seen such a difference in how my make-up stays on and looks after applying foundation; my concealer works better when applied with foundation and it really just makes my face look so much brighter and nicer.

The stick foundation glides on so smooth and light, you can barely feel it on your face. It may be intimating because you might ask how you apply a stick foundation but after watching tutorials and trying different techniques, you get the hang of it. 

I apply it straight from the stick, to my forehead, my cheeks and under-eye area, and then my chin. I don't bother with a brush or beauty blender, I just use my fingers to blend it in. Fingers are better to warm up the product and really blend it into your skin. 

I love this formula so much, I may try it in a powder form just to compare the two. Fit Me Stick is classified as a gel stick foundation with an anti shine powder core. I've been sweating a lot with the hot weather so I can't vouch if the anti shine powder core works but I'll pay closer attention to that.

I've been using Fit Me Stick every single day and I am so incredibly happy with the turn out. It has completely changed my make-up routine and it's so refreshing to have a drug store product that satisfies me just as much as an expensive product would.

What are your favorite foundations? 

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