During summer months, my jewelry use is at an all time low. Because I get hot so easily, I never wear much jewelry because it makes me feel uncomfortable and sticky. 

With Fall fast approaching, I am getting so excited to start up some epic arm parties. I always try to mock the incredible arm stylings of my favorite bloggers and fashionistas but I never quite get there. My bracelet collection is not up to it's entirety but this summer I took care of that and I have a whole new wish list of bracelets up my sleeve.

I have been lusting over everything Marley Lilly all summer. Their flash sales will be the death of me. I did happen to score this lovely gold monogrammed bracelet. It's very delicate so it's great to add with a chunky watch or thicker bracelet but it's dainty enough to wear on it's own.

I have one qualm about it; I haven't worn it a lot and it looks kind of rusty. It might be because I'm not storing it properly but otherwise, it's a great bracelet. 

Lilly Pulitzer Photodome Bangle

This has been at the top of my list for months, practically a year. I wanted it in the NYC print (which I will be getting soon, I need it) but it was on sale during the Endless Summer Sale in Lucky Charms (my favorite) and I couldn't resist. It didn't help that it cost me $15 (tax included) for the bangle. It's so beautiful but SO tight; I bruise the side of my hand while taking it off. 

You know what they say, beauty is pain.

Here are my other favorite must have bangles: 

What will you be adding to your arm party this Fall season?

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