After my incredible weekend at Her Conference (I can't promise that I'll stop talking about it, it was just so amazing), I've been on a sick magazine kick.

I've always loved magazines, even when I was a little kid, whenever I went to the drug store, I never left without a magazine whether it was CosmoGirl, Teen People, TigerBeat, or PopStar. I loved flipping through the glossy pages, seeing the celebrities, the beauty and fashion tips, I loved everything about those magazines.

Now that I'm older, I have not changed one bit. With my passion for journalism, I think the obsession with magazines has only gotten worst. I look at them differently, I pay more attention and appreciate them more. Loving magazines all my life contributed to the fact that I want to be a magazine journalist, that's what I aspire to be.

If you don't know, the September issues of magazines are the biggest ones yet; it's right before fall begins so they are filled with fall fashions and trends; September issues are the heaviest magazines and have the most talked about celebrities on the covers. 

This month's Vogue is a whopping 665 pages! That is a heavy book but so well worth it.

After hearing so many people talk about magazines at Her Conference, I decided to make the investment of buying every fashion magazine every month, or possibly subscribing to more than I usually do. 

While flipping through the September issue of Teen Vogue, I decided that I'll start a new feature on the blog where I profile each month of each magazine (maybe not ALL the magazines but definitely my favorites). 

So shall we start with Teen Vogue?

Teen Vogue was hefty this month, it was a decent size with a ton of ads but that's fine. I love how sophisticated Teen Vogue is even while catering to a younger demographic. It really is VOGUE for teens.

The September issue featured the British boys who lost the X Factor but won the world, my favorites, my heart, One Direction. I have an odd obsession with boy-bands, always have, always will, even when I'm 80 years old. I was SO excited to see them on the cover, less than a year after they were featured on the December/January issue of Teen Vogue.

The article on One Direction was really candid, you got a nice insight into who these boys truly are. They aren't just pretty faces with nice voices on a stage somewhere. They are good boys with a little edge. They are NOT cookie cutter, which is one the reasons I love them, but they are good hearted, down to earth people and Dana Matthews, the reporter who followed 1D to Miami to get the interview captured that wonderfully. 

"Their spirit is what makes them so successful" Morgan Spurlock, the director of the boy's upcoming movie, "This Is Us" says and I think that is a perfect definition of One Direction.

The photographs are beautiful; simple and edgy as the boys are dressed in a variety of all black ensembles. They look like men, not boys.

I cannot begin to explain how well written the article is, you'll have to pick up TV on the newsstand for yourself!

My other favorite parts of the September Teen Vogue?:

There was a feature on AnnaSophia Robb who is gearing up for the second season of the Carrie Diaries. It was short but very sweet and wonderfully written. I'm sure that I'll keep saying these articles are wonderfully written because it's Teen Vogue, of course the articles are great! But I think the article on Robb captured her young spirit. She was carefree but mature, it was refreshing to see a young celebrity like that, just like any other person who is slipping into Carrie Bradshaw's Manolos.

There was an incredible personal essay written by model Elettra Wiedemann where she explained her struggles with scoliosis, a spine deformation where the spin curves into an S or C shape. It can be very damaging and Elettra had to wear a brace for years, 23 hours a day. It was inspiring to see someone so young go through something so difficult but not let it destroy them. 

"Selfie Control" was a great article on the selfie nature of our generations and generations younger than us. Why do we love taking selfies to post on social media? What is the appeal of pressing the front facing camera and snapping a picture? It's all explained in the article; I thought that was a great idea for a feature.

I've taken a liking to really reading the Letter From the Editor in every magazine I open. This is the person responsible for the content you are appreciating and they are taking the time out to speak to you. I think the Letter from the Editor is one of my favorite parts of any magazine and Amy Astley's letter in this issue is nothing short of perfect.

Last but not least, TV featured an amazing section on all the fall trends. That'll be an entire separate post because I want to dive more into what's hot this fall. TV breaks it down into 10 hot items that everyone should have this season, the layout of the section is great and messy but organized. That's how Teen Vogue is, there are high end pictures everywhere and it looks messy but at the same time, looks so put together.

I give the September issue of Teen Vogue a 9/10 on the ratings scale. I really loved all the articles, the pictures were phenomenal and I just really enjoyed it. I didn't rate it as a 10 because nothing in life is perfect and there's always room for improvement, also, there were A LOT of ads which bothered me but that's magazines for ya!

Do you like these profiles? Do you want me to continue doing them? Let me know in the comments :) 

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  1. I love One Direction and I was excited when I head that they would be on the cover of Teen Vogue this month! I'm also just as obsessed with magazines as you are, so I'm looking forward to following along with your new series!

    1. I adore One Direction so I was excited too! I'm glad you enjoyed the post and looking forward to the other magazines :) Thanks for reading!