A few weeks ago I was contacted by the loveliest author and speaker, Cheryll Duffie, about her new book entitled "Everything I Need To Know in Life I Learned From Being in a Sorority". 

I being the obsessed sorority girl I am was thrilled to read the book and talk with Cheryll further about what this book is all about. She was kind enough to send me a copy and I have to tell you, it is an incredible piece of work. 

This isn't a novel, it's not technically an advice book, it purely covers how joining a sorority in your college years can affect, help, and benefit you throughout your entire life. It sheds light on how to get rid of the stereotype and to just be aware that no matter when and where, you are always wearing your letters.

Reading the book I definitely shed a few tears; I'm just constantly overwhelmed and moved by the feelings that I experience when I'm talking about my sorority or surrounded by my sisters or other greek life members. I just think that being part of a sorority has given me an incredible amount of confidence and opportunity. It has given me an incredibly amount of memories and friendship.

This book defines that for me; it was just so beautifully written and covered everything and anything you wanted to know about sororities. It truly showcased what sisterhood really means.

The quote that every single sorority girl lives by and there has never been anything truer.

Cheryll discusses the fact that being in a sorority is a lot like normal life; people don't think that sororities are normal. I've heard it time and time again--this isn't real life when in actuality it is real life. I'm not living in a dreamland, I'm building a network, gaining and honing skills, and learning what it's like to run an organization.

Being in a sorority, leading a sorority, is a lot similar to leading a company. You're passionate about something, spending a lot of time and effort making it better for the people who come after you.

I can't even explain into words how much I loved this book; it is everything I think about and believe in when it comes to my sorority and greek life in general. I want to wrap this book up and give it to every single on of my sisters and remind them why they joined a sorority in the first place.

These are lessons from the book that really stuck with me and I just needed to share them with 
all of you. 

I definitely will be keeping this book for close to me during my last year as a collegiate member but will keep it with my forever and ever and continually live out my sorority's beliefs and values. 

Check out more from Cheryll on her website and stay tuned for some fun stuff coming from Cheryll in the next few weeks!

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