In just a few weeks time college students across the country will be packing up their bags and heading back to campus. Maybe you're an old pro at college or possibly you're a freshmen gearing up for your first year.

With this new transition comes so many new, unknown things. It's definitely an adjustment in more ways than one.

One thing that I found difficult my first semester freshmen year was dealing with all the books I had to buy. I didn't know that not buying them from the book store was an option so first semester I spent hundreds of dollars on books I didn't even end up using.

I've learned my lesson since and never buy books (unless they are cheap or around the same price) at my school's book store. 

Lately I've been thinking about buying electronic textbooks because I carry around so much with me when I'm running around campus. Carrying around textbooks is definitely not the ideal situation and I have an iPad, iPhone, and laptop so why not utilize them in the best way possible?

Boundless is an awesome online tool that allows you to access a huge number of textbooks that you could download to your tablet, phone, or laptop. They have apps available in the Apple App store where you can download the app and access your textbooks or you could just access it from your browser on your device.

Boundless offers textbooks in over 20 subjects for $19.99. Yep, that's right. You could get a $100 textbook for only $20. I think that is an incredible score. All you do is type in your textbook information and if Boundless carries it, you just have to buy it.

If they don't have your textbook, you can request the textbook alternative which I think is a great addition.

Another great feature is that if you download the app, they have 'open textbooks' which offer flashcards and quizzes to help you study so not only are you getting a textbook but you're getting an all in one study tool.

I will definitely be using Boundless this semester once I get back to school, I don't think there is a way you could get a better deal than this.

Boundless is offering a great giveaway to college freshmen where you enter using a rafflecopter and are entered to win an iPad Mini and $200 worth of dorm gear. 

Enter the giveaway here!

Boundless is going to be partnering with Royally Pink this semester so keep a look out!

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