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Being part of the Her Campus Blogger Network allows me to be introduced to many different companies and opportunities.

When I saw the chance to promote something especially made for sorority women, I obviously jumped at the chance!

Crowdtap is a digital marketing start up that is based in New York; they are promoting their brand by partnering with Veet to launch a special, exclusive initiative for sorority women around the country. 

"Sorority Spa-cation" is a national event where Crowdtap and Veet will select hostesses at universities and colleges across the US to host parties with Veet products. The hosts will receive kits filled with Veet hair removal products along with some fun goodies like lip scrubs and nail polishes. 

Veet Vixens is the program that is partnered with Crowdtap and Veet in this Sorority Spa-cation promotion. When you sign up (it's as easy as linking your Facebook account), you get access to insider information. 

Signing up for Veet Vixens is also how you apply to host your very own Sorority Spa-cation party. It's a great way to sample free beauty products and share with your friends. Hosting one of these parties is a also a way to build your resume, become a campus advocate for the brand and be able to give feedback to Crowdtap. It's a wonderful way to gain exposure to this digital marketing trend and all the new products and technology that come along with it. 

I signed up for Veet Vixens and it's honestly really cool. There are challenges that you could complete to earn points; those points than add up so you could score some cool prizes like Amazon gift-cards. I'll probably also apply to host a Sorority Spa-cation party because it sounds like awesome idea and experience.

I really love using Veet, it's the only hair removal product I use. The Veet products that I received in my Her Campus goodie bag are honestly really excellent and super easy to use. And they work! 

Sign up for Veet Vixens here:

This sounds like such an exciting opportunity to partner with a great brand such as Veet and get your feet wet in branding, event planning, beauty, and marketing. The possibilities are endless! I'm really looking forward to how Crowdtap and Veet take this Sorority Spa-cation to the next level; I may even sign up because we all know, I cannot resist anything that promotes sorority life :)

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