I received a free sample of this product from Lucky and Seventh Generation for use in connection with this blog.

As part of the Lucky Contributor Community, there are always opportunities that are popping up. When I saw the chance to write a post all about beauty secrets featuring Seventh Generation Firming Serum, I jumped at it!

This summer I really got into beauty and skincare, more than ever before. I started to search for the perfect products to rotate into my skincare routine. I've found plenty of gems and others that didn't work so well for my skin.

I consider myself to have normal skin, it's not really oily or dry, it's a perfect combination of both. I've also been reading a lot about going all natural in beauty products which has nothing but beneficial use.

When I received this serum from Seventh Generation, I was super excited; I had heard such awesome things about serums and all the benefits from them, such as moisturizing, firming, reducing impurities, etc. Combining those features with all natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, baobob, and rose-hip, there seems to be nothing bad about Seventh Generation products.

These natural skin products won't clog pores and is free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, and is hypoallergenic.

The serum I received is the Firming serum which is described as "strengthens and tones with Baobob".

Maybe it's because I'm only 20 years old and my skin is still in good shape but I didn't notice a drastic difference when using the serum over the past two or three weeks. It does leave my skin incredibly soft, softer than any other moisturizer I use so that is a definite plus and the reason I've continued to use it.

I thought that I would be left with oily skin after using the serum but it really did absorb into my skin rather quickly, another plus.

I definitely think that using Seventh Generation Firming Serum is a great addition to my skincare routine and is definitely part of my #AllNaturalStyleSecrets. It's a great unknown gem!

What are your #AllNaturalStyleSecrets?

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