The internet exploded on Thursday and all the days leading up to it because our two preppy favorites, matches made in prep heaven Ms. Lilly and Mr. Jack were on RueLaLa.

RueLaLa obviously wanted to harm our bank accounts because why else would they have Lilly Pulitzer and Jack Rogers boutiques on the same day, AT THE SAME TIME!

I had forgotten about the sales until it was Thursday at 11am and I was getting ready for work when a push notification popped up on my phone.

I've never used the RueLaLa app for iPhone before, expect to browse boutiques but the situation was dire. I needed to move, and fast! I knew how fast the Lilly sale was going to sell out so I moved quickly, using my phone to make all my purchases.

Let me just say that the RueLaLa app for iPhone has to be one of the best iPhone apps out there; it was super easy to use, really organized and all around simple. Well done, Ruelala, well done.

I purchased my first Lilly clothing item a few weeks ago on another RueLaLa sale and my goodness, the shirt is perfection. I wore it to the HerCampus Her Conference last weekend and it was gorgeous.

I knew I would have good luck this time too, I just felt it. 

This Lilly sale was incredible; they had SO many clothes, there was SO much to choose from. I wish my bank account was bigger because I would've bought so much more.

After some deliberation, I purchased these two gorgeous tops. I was only going to buy one but I convinced myself to just go for it and buy both!

Lilly Pulitzer "Hart" Bright Navy Bocce Printed Top

Lilly Pulitzer "Tina" True Navy Pima Cotton Top

The Pima Cotton Top is great for transitioning into fall and even though summer is on it's way out, I could definitely get some use out of the Bocce Printed tank, with layering it with jeans, leggings, and some great sweaters. 

I am so excited for these pretties to arrive; I just hope they fit as well as my last RueLaLa purchase! I unfortunately missed out on the Jack Rogers loving but I just couldn't justify buying sandals in August. 

Missed out on the excitement of the Lilly sale? Use my personal invite link to sign up for RueLaLa and never miss out on Lilly love again!

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