Last week I attended the Intern Queen Internship Party at the Ann Taylor Flagship store in NYC. Being one of her Campus Ambassadors, I got to get in early and not wait on the INSANE line that had formed, which was great.

I want to start off by saying that the amount of work that Lauren, the other campus ambassadors and IQ interns put into making this party a success was incredible. It was really apparent throughout the party that it was a lot of hard work, time, and dedication.

Lauren Berger and some of the Campus Ambassadors

Basically the IQ party is a huge celebration to end the summer internship season in New York. I have come to the realization that New York is really the center of the internship world; people travel from all over to live here during the summer to just work for free and get an experience. It makes me realize how lucky I am to live here and have grown up here.

Crowds at the party

There were awesome goodie bags, fabulous panelists, great food, and a bunch of stations to have fun at! I got my make-up done by Elizabeth Arden artists and took some cute photos in a photo booth. You were even able to shop the fabulous Ann Taylor products while having fun at the party.

There was so many people at the party; over 1,000 people had RVSPed and I wouldn't be surprised if that was the actual number of interns.

The party was really a lot of fun and it was a great chance to network and meet other interns from around the city.

Around 9:00pm, the panel started with people from Cosmo, Johnson and Johnson, Harper Collins, US Weekly, Mashable, and other notable companies.

Lauren Berger, Intern Queen

Lauren, the Intern Queen herself, gave a wonderful introduction and then monitored the panel, asking them questions and getting the best possible answers on what it takes to be an intern at their company or succeed in general.

I had left the party earlier than it ended because I had come straight from setting up for an event at Levo League all day so the day was incredibly long but so enjoyable!

I have to say it really was such a wonderful experience to celebrate the end of a great internship season, be with all my fellow IQ Ambassadors, and meet Lauren for the first time in person.

Next year, if you're an intern in NYC, take advantage of this opportunity of attending the Intern Queen Internship Party, it really is a wonderful event.

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