I hope you enjoyed my recap of Saturday's part of the Her Campus Her Conference. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it all week so here's what went down on Sunday's portion of Her Conference.

This time I was not alone in my journey; I dragged along my best friend, Jacqueline so I would have someone to sit with and enjoy the conference.

Live tweets and instagram of HerConference attendees

We got there earlier than I did on Saturday, registered, got breakfast, took some pictures, shopped the BCBG sale and hung around. It was pretty much the same thing as Saturday expect for different speakers and some different panels. 

The morning Keynote speaker was Chandra Turner, the founder of Ed2010.com and the executive editor of Parents Magazine. I religiously rely on Ed2010 for finding internships are magazines, whether they be big or small corporations so I was super stoked that she was the speaker.

Chandra Turner

Chandra was hysterically funny; she was witty and charming who spoke with great anecdotes. Most importantly, Chandra was incredibly helpful and inspirational. She is one of the smartest people I've ever heard speak and offered great advice that made me both excited, nervous, and content. Feeling all those different emotions made me realize how incredible the information she was offering was. 

Chandra's jokingly advice to us

My favorite piece of advice (which there will be a full post on later on) is that in Journalism, you cannot apply for a job until you are ready to accept it. That means waiting until the last minute before graduation to start applying. When a magazine has an opening, they will fill it immediately. They aren't going to wait for you.

In that same breath, enjoy senior year! There is no point in worrying about the future when the future isn't going to wait for you. Hearing someone as intelligent and successful as Chandra telling me to enjoy myself and not be so focused on the future really reassured me that I can lay back and be a college student.

For the next panel, I headed over to "How To Make Your Blog a Powerhouse". This was an incredibly helpful workshop with successful bloggers, including Lindsay Tigar of Confessions of a Love Addict, who is a fellow Her Campus Blogger Network member. 

They gave great advice on how to build up your blog, stay true to yourself, and even make a career out of. It was wonderful to hear real life advice on people who have aspirations like mine. It was also comforting to know that blogging is the future and that I'm doing something right.

Journalism Jobs Later On Panel

After this panel, I headed over to "Journalism Jobs Later On" which was all about how to climb the ladder of the journalism world and where the entry level positions could take you. I will admit, this was more intimating than the editorial assistant panel because these panelists were older, more experienced, more successful, and had a firm grip on what they were doing. It was still inspirational and all the panelists, who were from places such as Redbook and the NY Daily News, offered advice that I will remember forever.

Jason Wagenheim

With half the day over, me and Jacqueline headed into lunch which was sponsored by Chiptole and then to the lunchtime keynote who was Jason Wagenheim, the publisher of Teen Vogue. My goodness, this was my favorite keynote. He was super funny, really smart, and gave it to us straight. He knew what he was talking about and once again, gave wonderful advice.

The last panel block of the day was focused on marketing yourself better in different ways; there were workshops on resume and cover-letting writing, social media tips, and the panel I went too, "How to Ace Your Interview". 

I have a confession; I have never been on an actual interview. Phone and Skype interviews, yes, but an actual in person interview is something I have yet to experience. With my anxiety, the thought of an interview makes me go into panic mode so I thought that this was the best workshop for me.

I actually learned a lot and felt better when leaving there. We learned how to answer specific types of questions, what the most common types of questions were and what to do when you can't think on your feet. It was great!

Me and Elana

At the end of the day there was a networking and career fair where I just so happened to stumble upon my amazing supervisor at Levo and fellow Phi Sig, Elana. I even spoke to a few girls about Levo League and why they should apply for their internship program and check out the site, which was super exciting!

At the fair, the lovely HerCampus women gave out door prizes, which I WON! I got this fabulous little tribal styled pouch. I love winning things because it doesn't happen to me often so I was pleasantly surprised.

With that the weekend was over and I was nonetheless, exhausted, but a little upset that this great experience had come to an end.

I felt so official with my name badge

All the speakers at the conference had a great grasp on what it takes to be successful in the journalism industry. That's why I was so thankful that I attended; I was surrounded by people who had the same dreams as me and understood my passion. I had so many questions about the industry that were really answered after listening to all the speakers. 

This was definitely one of my favorite parts of the summer before my senior year. Next year, if you have the chance, try and make the effort to come to NYC and attend the Her Conference, you will not regret it!

PS. I took a ridiculous amount of notes during the conference so I will be rounding the up and doing little advice posts on what I learned so look out for them!

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