I hope everyone enjoyed the guest posts from the past few days; my blogger friends are seriously talented and wonderful! I enjoyed ALL their posts and I hope to feature some more guest bloggers on Royally Pink soon.

I'm all settled into my house and have internet and cable hooked up so let's continue to your regular scheduled programming.


Here is another series that I got inspired to start when thinking about heading back to school. My first last day of school starts next Tuesday so I'll spend the week gearing up and preparing for senior year.

All week I'll blog about things you need to know when heading back to school, mainly college, but there is always something for younger students also!

I spend a majority of my days on campus and not in my apartment. Running from class to class to meetings to lunch with my sorority sisters, I am constantly on the go. 

I am also a huge bag lady; I have a ton of different bags, totes, satchels, cross bodies, I cannot get enough. Along with that, I'm also a huge pack rat. I am constantly being called Hermione or Mary Poppins because I always have everything that you could ever imagine in my bag.

Combine all of these characteristics and you've got yourself an expert on what to carry in your school bag!

I purchased my Longchamp at the beginning of last year because I found that none of my other tote bags were big enough to handle the load of stuff I carried with me on a daily basis. I have to medium size longchamp and it is the perfect size. There are no inside pockets expect for a small one on the side but there is so much room inside, it could fit pretty much anything and everything.

1. Notebooks, school related and non school related

Maybooks are the perfect extra notebook!

If you're headed to class, you should always carry your subject notebook with you. I really like having one notebook for all my classes (I use a FiveStar 5 subject for my 5 classes) so I don't have to worry about carrying a bunch of notebooks with me. I also always have at least one non school related notebook so I could jot down to-dos and random scrap notes. I feel incomplete if I don't have a notebook with me.

2. Pens, Pencils, Highlighters

Of course you need writing utensils when headed to class. It's also important if you're headed to a meeting of some sort to always have a pen on you. 

3. Emergency Kit

I always feel like I need everything and anything at any given moment. I always keep an emergency kit with me, a little bag filled with odds and ends that are common everyday uses. I use my Lilly Pulitzer Estee Lauder make up bag to keep in my school bag. I keep it filled with a bunch of little things like advil, hair ties, allergy medicine, lotion, hand sanitizer, lip balm, pressed powder, oil blotting sheets, and tissues. It's great to get into the habit of keeping a small pouch filled with these things that you never know if you're going to need.

4. Planner

Oh this is a give in! I am never without my planner; even if I'm just running to get coffee at the library or something non school related, I usually always have my planner in my bag. It's essential to my sanity.

5. iPad or Laptop

Depending on if I'm headed to work during the day, I usually always have one of my electronic devices with me. If I'm going to work, I have my laptop, if not, I'll probably just have my iPad on hand. It's great for getting some work done, reading a book, or just using it instead of your iPhone.

6. Chargers, Earphones

Because I am constantly out of my apartment probably from 8am till 11pm (long days, I know), I have gotten into the habit of bringing my iPhone charger with me everywhere. I also always have earphones just incase I need them in the library or want to listen to Pandora. I've also recently purchased a J.Crew portable phone charger (I have a Lilly one too) so I'll be adding those into the mix incase I'm not near an outlet or USB port.

It is very easy for me to pack a heavy school bag. I always feel like I need a thousand things throughout the day and most of the time, I do use everything I pack. I feel that all these things are essential to my school days and I hope this has helped you in some way!

What are your school day essentials? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. For my school day, I always carry a planner,a journal, a folder, some pens and pencils, a "just in case" kit, my computer, and a few other essentials!


    1. I love the 'just in case' kit! They are so perfect and necessary!! Journals are also a personal favorite of mine :)

  2. Which size of the longchamp did you purchase? I'm trying to figure out which size would be good since I'm going back to school this fall and I feel "too old" to rock a backpack (at 30). Thanks :)


    1. I have the large one! It's the perfect size; it's a lot bigger than it looks, you could put anything and everything in there!