Living in a dorm room can be really fun or really annoying. You're either made for it or you're not. You really can make the best of dorm room life if you want too; it's the only time you'll live in a cramped space with four plus other people.

It's the only time where you can leave your doors open and visit your other friends on your floor; stay up late, go to sleep early, do whatever you want. I loved living in a dorm room and now that I finally have my own off campus apartment (with my own room), I savor the days where I slept in the same room with two of my best friends.

It's annoying yes, but it's also the greatest time in your life. I've been very nostaglic lately, I apologize.

The one thing that is awfully annoying about dorm room living is the storage. I am someone who has a lot of crap; maybe I'm a hoarder, who knows! But I like my "stuff" as my mom likes to call it. It was always difficult finding a place to put all my stuff and have the room I wanted to have.

As I moved into different dorm rooms each year, it got a little easier because I lived with less and less people but it was still hard.

It becomes an art, learning how to organize a dorm room but you'll get the hang of it.

Dorm Room Storage

My number one tip for storage is bins. Bins are your friend in college so utilize them. They aren't boring, ugly rubber anymore either; they have gorgeous, pretty, chic bins that fit your persoanlity and style.

I love using stacking bins to store my beauty products, scarves, and textbooks. They stack right on top of each other and you're able to stick them in the corner so they don't take up too much space.

Under the bed bins are also a great essential to add to your room too. Keeping bulky sweaters and sweatpants in those under bed storage bins will give you more space in your drawers and closets.

Also think about having a bin for random items like magazines or anything else you hoard. I really love the adorable Lilly Pulitzer bins; they're cute and will add an extra something to the drab dorm room look.

Another great tip is when you're packing for school, try to not bring things you don't need. You don't need your entire DVD or book collection or your high school yearbook. Pick the essentials and pack those up, everything else leave at home!

What are your favorite ways to store things at college?

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