I've been tagged!! 

There is a chain post going around the blogosphere (or maybe just with the fabulous ladies of the Her Campus Blogger Network) where you get tagged by someone, write 10 facts about yourself, and then tag other people.

I was tagged by the lovely Melanie from "When Life Gives You Melanie" so here are my 10 facts!

1. I actually went through recruitment twice; I didn't get a bid the first time
2. Freshmen year of college, I had an obsession with Oprah.
3. I've never traveled out of the country.
4. I have lived in six different houses in the same neighborhood.
5. I was a ballet dancer for almost ten years and I miss it dearly.
6. I suffer from really bad anxiety disorder.
7. For years, I've gone through obsessive phases where I get really into a TV show or band and cannot think or talk about anything else. My current obsession? One Direction.
8. I don't think I've ever been in love.
9. After many strange occurrences, I believe that I am a little bit psychic.
10. I love to write but I really wish my talent was being able to draw or sing.

Here are the ladies I'm tagging :)

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