I have an addiction to buying books, like a true and utter addiction because even when I have two or three books queued up on my Kindle and Nook, about four print books ready to be cracked open, I need to find more books to add to the collection.

I made a trip to Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago for no particular reason and bought 'Girls in White Dresses' and 'Paris In Love'. I talked about White Dresses a few posts back and I just finished Paris In Love about two weeks ago.

It took me a little longer to get through this book than White Dresses because it was more autobiographical.

The premise of Paris In Love is that author, Eloisa James, who had written several books before Paris, up and moves her family to Paris for a year. 

She was diagnosed with cancer, unhappy with life, and needed a change. Thankfully she had a willingly and accepting family that allowed the move to Paris with just some kicking and screaming from Eloisa's two young children.

The story is beautiful and gives great imagery of a picture perfect Paris. Hearing about Eloisa's journey through Paris, learning how to live like a Parisian was so interesting. It was also such an easy read and easy to follow along with.

It really is such a different life across the Atlantic, whether you're in Spain, England, Ireland, or Paris, life seems so simple over there. It instills a sense of wanderlust in me like nothing else. I so desperately want to drop everything like Eloisa and move to Paris or preferably London.

European living is something that I've always dreamed of; I've even looked up jobs in London for post-grad (I wouldn't last that long without my family and friends). 

I would love to move to Europe some day and I think reading Paris In Love and reading about how Ms. James' journey just made that more apparent. You can have a successful happy life no matter where you are, just as long as you have the people who matter most with you.

If you have any curiosity as to what it's like to actually build a life abroad, read Paris In Love, it's worth the read; you'll feel like you're living in Paris right alongside Eloisa James.

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