So I didn't last very long with receiving my beloved Birchbox in the mail. Yes, Ipsy is wonderful and I still receive the Ipsy Glam Bag but there is something so special about Birchbox.

I think what I missed most is the customer service and the meaning of Birchbox. Birchbox is homey, it's comfortable, and you could tell the company cares about beauty and their customers. My loyalty to Birchbox is simply incredible and that personality that the company holds is what ultimately drew me back in.

Birchbox, last month, debuted a new look, a complete rebranding. I read some mixed reviews on the new look but when I received my box this month, I liked it. 

When I got the email that my Birchbox had shipped, I compulsively, every hour, checked the website to see what I was receiving this month. Birchbox was sneaky and didn't update the information so I couldn't take a sneak peek before my box arrived in the mail.

I kind of liked it better that way because then my products were a complete surprise and boy, was I surprised--and very, very satisfied.

I simply adored every single product I got in my Birchbox this month and it just helped me fall in love with this brilliant company all over again!

I got three sample packets of this body cream and I was pretty happy with it. I haven't tried to cream out yet (I haven't tried any of the products) but I love anything green apple scented and it's 100% natural so I'm sure it is a great body cream--I'll keep you posted!

By far my favorite product in the box! I lust over Benefit products on a daily basis and I definitely put this item in my shopping cart one too many times but never went through with ordering. Birchbox has a special partnership with Benefit, which I love, so when I saw this highlighter product in my box, I was overjoyed!! I haven't tried it yet but I can't wait too!

I've received other Number 4 products in previous boxes and I have to say, they work great on my hair. I've developed a love affair with leave in conditioner lately since the summer months are terrible to my unruly hair so I'm really excited to try this spray leave in product.

I'm all about moisturizing lately so I'm excited to try this French brand's face cream. It's made with blueberries and dead nettle which is purifying to the skin so I'm sure it'll work wonders.

This was a beauty extra that I've been seeing other people get in their boxes recently; I received the mini set which included two, very sturdy, beautiful patterned bobby pins. These are not your drugstore pins, they hold up REALLY well and are such a great hair accessory.

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  1. Your box is awesome! Mine hasn't arrived yet but I peeked at what I'm getting on my profile page. I love 100% Pure and I've used their body butters before, but I've never tried the Green Apple scent. I bet it's amazing.

    1. I tried the green apple body cream and it was amazing! The scent is perfect and the cream is really thick and moisturizing but not sticky--I was SO happy with my box this month!