For the past for months, I've been on the search for the perfect under eye concealer. I've noticed that my under eye area is donned with dark circles that no concealer could cure. 

It was starting to really annoy me because I just wanted to get rid of these circles! I felt that my makeup never looked as good as it could because of the dark circles--it threw everything else off.

I've experimented with different kinds, everything from Sephora to drug store brands but nothing was ever quite good enough or it just stopped working after a while. 

I wanted something that was durable, that would last, and make those dark circles disappear.

A Sephora consultant told me that I needed to find a color corrector which I have looked for but nothing satisfied me.

I have a love affair with Benefit Cosmetics and after receiving some Benefit in my July Birchbox, I decided to take the jump and buy a concealer from them. I read the reviews and scanned the online shops and decided to order the ever popular Erase Paste in shade Medium from the Birchbox shops.

I was anxious to receive it and it came sooner than expected which completely delighted me.

It was a nice size pot of concealer (which as a rather sticky base) along with a little spatula to spoon out the cream. It even comes with a little pamphlet of instructions to tell you the proper ways to apply this concealer. 

I tried it out as soon as I got it and I have to say, it completely changed the way my face looked. It was so strong but very smooth; it was a bit sticky but after a good amount of blending, it was fine. I did still feel it on my face, it felt like I was wearing concealer (it wasn't uncomfortable at all) but if that is the price I have to pay to have dark circles covered, then so be it!

I learned after using this product twice that a little goes a long way and there is no need to use a heaping amount of concealer. 

I'm obsessed with Erase Paste and I don't think I'll ever buy another concealer ever again.

As a little bonus, in my Birchbox, I received a discount code for a deluxe sample of Cha Cha Tint from Benefit. I've been battling with myself on whether or not to try one of these tint products. I am not a lover of liquid blushes or any kind of stains but I thought having a deluxe sample would be a great way to try out if I liked them.

UM...I loved it! The peach color that ChaCha comes in is perfect for the summertime and applying a good amount on my cheeks really brightened my face up, more than any powder blush could've. Liquid blushes and stains are great for summer too because they show up and hold up better than powders.

Altogether, Benefit has amazing products and I will definitely be buying more in the future. 

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