I'm currently on Easter Break and up to my nose in work. Whether it's projects, regular homework, Intern Queen duties, or Phi Sigma Sigma paperwork, I will be extremely busy over the next few days.

There is so much to catch up on and I don't know where to start. I'm usually excellent on time management but sometimes your mind can get the best of you.

No matter the to-do list, if I don't have motivation most things won't get done. With no motivation and a to-do list 10 miles long, anxiety gets the best of me and it's all just a viscous cycle.

I'm my own worst enemy because my mind starts to race and even when I'm getting stuff done, I always feel like there is more to do.

I'm in a crazy stress cycle and I have no clue how to cure myself of it.

Here are some ways that I've been trying to cope with my stress level:

To Do Lists: Do I have to repeat myself? Having a to-do list is the #1 thing to have if you're stressed and super busy. Writing everything down on paper helps immensely and really clears your mind. It helps you organize your thoughts and crossing off items feel amazing.

Make a schedule: Some of my days are so busy and crazy, writing a to-do list isn't good enough. There is so much to do and so little hours during the day. Writing a schedule and chunking your time and duties together helps you get organized even better than an average to-do list. What I usually do is just write the times of my events/meetings, library hours, and the time where I plan on doing certain tasks in my planner so I'm always on top and on time.

Get done early: I do my best to be on top of everything. For the past few days, I've been waking up early and getting most of my to-do lists done before 2pm. That way, I'm not freaking out the rest of the day and I know that I've done my best so far. Not having your to-do list hanging over your head all day is the best feeling and it takes a lot of the stress away.

Give yourself breaks: It's important to give yourself an hour or so in between tasks so your mind can regroup and you can start fresh when you sit back down. It helps no one if you sit at a desk for eight hours without stopping. Your mind needs a break and so does your body. It'll be easier to focus if you take breaks in between working, no matter what you're doing.

Being so busy means that other things will have to take a back seat and one of those things has been this blog. The first week of April is going to be insanely busy but once that is over (and before finals start) hopefully my life will find some normalcy again!

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