I've missed Spotlight Saturday's the past few weeks but here's a new one!

I have developed a very bad obsession with blogs ever since starting Royally Pink. I cannot get enough and I am always stumbling upon new ones to add to my Google Reader.

The first blog I ever loved was College Prepster, which inspired me to start Royally Pink. Carly is one of the most driven, passionate people I have ever come across and she is truly an inspiration.

Carly has really been living out my dreams because she created "Sweet Lemon Magazine", an online magazine about everything and anything related to young 20 somethings.

SLM is released every few months and you could smell all the hard work that is put into every single issue. It's truly amazing.

Each issue features a cover-girl who has done something incredible with her life such as starting a business or finding her dream job through hardships. 

There are also always profiles of lovely ladies who are making a living doing what they love. 

SLM isn't just about careers, even though that is a big part of it. There are other feature articles on beauty and lifestyle.

One of my favorite features of SLM is what the editors are loving this month; whether Carly loves polka dots or Paris is hung up a certain perfume scent, it's fun to see what successful young women are enjoying.

It's not ideal that so much time is in between each SLM issue but in the meanwhile, they have a blog called The Zesty Digest. This is seriously my top five favorite blogs. 

The Zesty Digest is pretty similar to SLM; the writing is phenomenal as are the creative ideas that the women come up with. This is one of the blogs I check every single day and I am never disappointed.

I love Sweet Lemon Magazine and The Zesty Digest, it's something that I aspire too and it's such an inspiration that women my age are doing something spectacular.  

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