A few weeks back I entered College Prepster's giveaway for a monogrammed necklace from Rutherford Papers.

I always enter giveaways like this but I never win; I never win anything for that matter but the day before I got back to school after Christmas break, I got an email from the lovely Carly telling me I had won!

I almost cried I was so happy. Seriously, I never win a single thing so to win something as wonderful as this, from one of my favorite blogs, I was overjoyed!

Carly connected me to the people at Rutherford Papers and I gave them my choice of size, color, and chain style. The people at Rutherford Papers are the sweetest people I have ever dealt with and were so helpful with everything.

I received the necklace no more than three days later and it is perfect!

I already have a small, white monogram with a silver chain so I decided to get a large, black monogram with a gold chain. It also came in this adorable mesh bag that is great for storage; I like to keep some of my good jewelry separate from the rest so this is perfect. 

It's an acrylic necklace but the quality is superb. It's definitely not too big (I ordered a monogram necklace from Etsy for my big a few months back and it was REALLY big), this one was perfect though.

I've received so many compliments on it whenever I wear it and because it's gold and black, it matches pretty much everything I wear.

I'm totally in love with it so thank you once again to College Prepster and Rutherford Papers !

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