This month's Birchbox is one of my favorites yet!

I obviously peeked before my box arrived in the mail because I just couldn't wait and I'm so happy I did. 

All the products I got were stuff that I really want to use and they're great sizes! They were bigger than sample sizes, more than I expected and definitely more than I have received in the past.

Birchbox also threw in a Ghirdaelli Caramel filled Chocolate Square in for Valentines Day. I obviously ate it as soon as I opened the box because it's chocolate and I'm a girl 

I was so thrilled when I saw that I got a nail polish in this month's box; we all know how much I love nail polish! Color Club has a great formula and it goes on so smoothly. This color is the perfect shade. It's a teal/green and I can't wait to paint my nails to see what it swatches like.

I was surprised that there was a Lancome product in this box--it's such a high brand company and I never expected it to appear in a Birchbox. It's a pretty generous sample size and with a company as great as Lancome, I'm sure that the primer is top notch.

I saw this on before I knew it was in the box and I was really interested in it. Ever since I started using Curl Effect, I've been wearing my hair naturally curly and have been looking for new products to use. I used this product last night in my hair and it works almost the same as Curl Effect. It has a heavier texture but it's nice and works wonderfully. It was also a really generous size sample.

I really have no idea what kind of product this is--it says that it's a face cleanser that brightens up your face but it has all these weird enzymes and crystals that are supposed to leave your skin bright and smooth. We'll see how it works.

Even though I only got four products, I would much rather get four great size products than six really tiny samples. I was so happy with this month's Birchbox and it made me even more excited for next month's!

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