I am the bag queen. Ever since I remember, I loved bags. When I was five years old, I had everything in my little girl's handbag. I can't think of a time where I didn't own a bag...I never leave the house without a bag and on the rare occasion that I do, I feel completely naked.

If you put me in the handbag section of Nordstrom or Bloomingdales, I could spend all day there, my mouth salivating at all the colorful leather, different designers, and odd shapes.

A handbag to me is the best accessory. It adds something special to an outfit; it can MAKE an outfit, in my opinion. If you're wearing an all black ensemble, a bright green or pink bag can add a little something else.

Some women hate changing their bags and they stick to one bag at any given time. I can't imagine that--I change my bags possibly more than once a week. It takes a minute to transfer your belongings from one bag to another, it's nothing to change bags.

I love a good everyday handbag but tote bags have become my forte the past few years. In high school, I never used a normal Jansport backpack, I went straight for the shoulder tote bags and that has continued throughout college.

I always did though, suffer from trying to find the perfect tote to fit all my books and extra belongings that I need throughout the day. That's why I'm going to break down some of the best tote bags I've found.

1. Coach Signature Stripe Tote Bag (similar)

This was my first tote bag. My dad bought it for me before my freshmen year in high school and it was my go to bag throughout my four years. It fit everything from my folders to textbooks along with some extras like a small make up bag and my phone. Every year in HS, I bought a new bag but somehow, I always ended up back here with my lovely Coach tote.

More than six years later, this bag is still in good shape and I still use it for time to time. It has become a little small for my daily activities in college but if it's a slow day and I don't have a lot to carry with me, it's my first choice.

2. Michael Kors JetSet Leather Tote (no longer available: similar here

This was a high school graduation present from my grandmother, a new bag to start college with. This has been my perfect college tote for the past two years. It's very deep so it's able to fit everything comfortably, without making the bag bulky. No matter what's in the bag, it almost always keeps it's slim shape.

This bag is able to fit a laptop or iPAD perfectly and still have room for books and other necessities.

The one thing I don't particularly like about this bag is that the bag itself is very heavy. I have some slight back and shoulder issues; no matter what tote I use, my bag is heavy so adding a heavy bag to an already heavy load aches me endlessly.

For a light day, this is another great bag.

3. Vera Bradley

In my opinion, any Vera Bradley tote is perfect for ANYONE! I have two of them, the "Tote" and another bag, and they're amazing. The cloth material makes the bag, no matter how heavy the stuff inside is, extremely light.

Both bags I have are pretty roomy inside, even if they look small from the outside, and can fit mostly everything comfortably.

Some might say that the Vera prints are a little too eccentric for them but I think there is a print for everyone. These are great for college and on my campus, almost every girl carries a Vera tote bag.

4. LongChamp Large Pilage Tote

This is the best of all! I have never loved a tote more than I love my LongChamp.

I used to see these all the time, in high school and my first two years of college. I never liked them, I thought they were ugly and I hated the material of them.

Even when my friends started to use it and I was able to see the bags up close and personal, I still didn't like them.

That is until this year when none of my totes were big enough to hold everything I needed. I carry an obnoxious amount of stuff on a daily basis (I'll do a post on this later on) and I need a huge bag to satisfy my tote needs.

I finally gave in and bought one of these at the beginning of the year. It has completely changed my life.

Everything fits in this bag, EVERYTHING! There is more than enough room for a laptop, ipad, books, make up bag, wallets, pencil cases....anything and everything!

The material is great in the rain and wonderful for a college student. I have the large tote and I think it's a great size; even if you don't carry a heavy load everyday like me, the large tote is probably the best still.

They might not come in crazy designs but on the Longchamp site, you can customize it with your monogram, different colors, and different add ons.

I can't get enough of this bag and I will preach about it to everyone.

Finding the perfect tote bag can be difficult but in the end, it all depends on what your needs are; are you a bag lady like me who needs to have everything with her at all times or are you more simple and only have a few books with you. No matter what, there is a bag for you.

What's your perfect tote bag?

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  1. Hello from Mingle Mondays!!

    My favorite, dream tote is Kate Spade's "Rock the Casbah" tote!!!

    Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!!!


    1. I've seen that Kate Spade tote! It's definitely on my wish list! Happy New Year :)