It's two weeks into the semester and I am completely swamped. I've been trying to get the hang of my new schedule but it's always tough this time of the year.

It's been freezing in NYC the past few days and trying to find the motivation to do anything is rough. Yesterday I left my room twice--once to eat and then to go to work. It was too cold to even move.

Besides it being below zero out, I'm pretty sure I have a tad bit of senioritis, which doesn't make sense because I'm still a junior. I don't have the will to do any type of work. All I want to do is go out with my friends and hang around. I have zero motivation! 

I also haven't been getting any sleep because my days start at 7 AM and don't end till at least midnight, between classes, meetings, work, and homework, it's crazy!

I try to keep up with everything but sometimes it just doesn't work. There aren't enough hours in the day for everything you NEED to do and then everything you WANT to do.

I hate when I get this way because it's so unlike me. Being so busy really takes a lot out of you and sometimes you don't even realize it until you are running on empty.

There are a few things that I do no matter what to help me unwind. Whether it's at 8AM or 8PM, at some point I take a few minutes for myself to relax and keep me feeling like myself.

1. Check social media

No matter what, I wake up every morning and take ten minutes to check all my social media: twitter, facebook, helps me feel connected when I'm so stressed out. I'm a tech junkie so being involved with other people's lives helps me escape for a bit and actually does calm me down, which is weird because when people are so connected, it usually stresses them out more. On your choice of social media, you might see a quote or saying that will resonate with you, sparking something inside of you that might be the inspiration you need.

2. Read my favorite blogs:

It's similar to social media but I have to take a little while out of my busy day to see what my favorite bloggers are up too. It's almost like reading a book or magazine; it keeps me grounded and it's interesting to see what other people are feeling and doing. I have my favorite blogs that I can't go a day without checking, it's such a great way to feel inspired and get you motivated. Reading someone else's words could help you find your own voice. There even might be a post about how to stay relaxed and not be stressed.

3. Manicures

I'm almost positive I have mentioned this in half my posts but I love painting my nails. Giving yourself a manicure is a great way to unwind from the crazy day. Painting your nails might even strike up your creativity and inspire you to get motivated and keep moving.

4. Take a nap

When all else fails, take a major break. You only need 45 minutes to feel relaxed; it's just enough sleep to get a re-burst of energy but not enough that you fall into a REM sleep. Sometimes your body needs a huge break in order to keep moving. Sleeping for a bit will relax your body and mind, giving you the energy to move on with the day.

When the day gets tough, know that it's just stress and that it doesn't define you. If you balance yourself and don't run yourself into the ground, everything else will fall into place. Search for inspiration all around you, there is something in your every day life that will help you stay motivated.

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