At the beginning of the month, my Lilly loving ears perked up at the buzz of the New Year Cheer Lilly Pulitzer sale.

My mouth salivated at all the great deals and my bank account cried as I typed in the numbers needed to satisfy my Lilly craving.

I only ordered one item (self control, people, self control) and I am simply in love with it. I don't know how else to put it.

I've been eyeing the Lilly Sparkle Tote for months now but I couldn't justify spending over $80 on another tote bag. I have too many already.

Well, it was my lucky day because I scored the Sparkle Tote in the Multi in the Beginning Mini Print for $44.

I think this print is my favorite because it speaks everything Lilly. It tells the entire story of her beginning with the bright, fun colors she intended the world to see and enjoy. 

The bag is even more gorgeous in person than it is online. It has just the right amount of sparkle and great for my every day use. 

It's pretty big, almost the size of my LongChamp tote which is good for me since I carry an obnoxious amount of stuff with me every day. I like how my Lilly tote stands up on it's own with shape and body unlike the LongChamp which deflates immediately after you take everything out of it.

The bag also has a great, big inside pocket for throwing make up or whatever else you don't want getting lost in your bag.

Altogether, this bag is perfect. 

I do need to stop buying Lilly stuff because my friends are starting to make fun of me. Though, I can't help it if I love the Queen of Pink and Green and all her beautiful products!

In the meantime, I'll enjoy my gorgeous tote and bring my shopping habit down to a minimum. 

Did you score anything from the New Year Cheer sale?

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