A cold front has taken NYC by storm the past week and with January here,
 it seems that it's only going to get colder.

I really enjoy the cold weather mostly because I feel like it's easy to dress for and I'm just more comfortable in the coldness.

Some would disagree, saying that dressing in the cold takes away from their personal style. For example, my sister hates wearing a jacket because it "hides her outfit."

I would much rather wear a coat and not get sick in 20 degree weather. Nowadays, with so many accessories and stylish jackets, it's easy to make cold weather clothes look good.

Dress for Cold Weather

J.Crew knit cardigan / The North Face north face / Mango zip pants, $32 / 
Khombu lace up boots / Brooks Brothers round scarve / Woolrich

Some would argue that a North Face fleece isn't stylish but this fuzzy fleece looks nice and will keep you very warm. Plus, all the great winter accessories add something special to the outfit.

Stay warm everyone :)

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  1. Stay warm :D I love cardigans so much :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. Cute outfit that you put together! It really has been beyond chilly in the city. Guess i picked the wrong time of the year to move here but i love it nonetheless. Makes me actually look forward to the hot humid summers. (Im sure ill regret that statement when summer comes around!)


    1. Haha! Yes, it's been freezing here and sometimes the summer could be great in NYC but the past few years, it's been crazy hot so I'm loving the cold as long as possible! :)

  3. Love the cardigan, gloves and scarf! Great outfit all around.
    Now following you back via GFC from the Meet & Greet blog hop. Thanks for joining!