I mentioned that this winter break I wanted to catch up on my reading and I have been sticking to the plan!

On Christmas, I received an amazing gift from the lovely ladies at UChic.com in the form of an Amazon gift card.

I did not need another phone case and I've been dying to buy some new books so I decided that's what I would spend it on it.

Only problem is, I didn't want to order hardcover books--they take up too much space in my tiny dorm room and I don't have a Kindle, only a Nook.

But wait...I have an iPAD, I suddenly remembered! I downloaded the Kindle app and started purchasing my books.

I had never been so happy before!

I downloaded "Lilly: Palm Beach, Tropical Glamour, and the Birth of a Fashion Legend." I immediately started reading and was sadly disappointed.

As we did get a more in depth look at the life of Lilly, there was a lot of facts in the book that I really didn't care about.

Kathryn Livingston, the author, spoke a lot about background information, like the lives of Peter Pulitzer's grandfather and friends of Lilly.

I did learn a lot about Lilly, like how she suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of her children or her friendship with Jackie Kennedy. I love hearing how she started the juice stand and how she began making dresses.

I couldn't help but smile at the chapter where the problem of the seasons changing came up and the people behind her company were concerned with selling dresses in the winter and Mrs. Pulitzer responded with the oh so clever... "It's always summer somewhere."

My heart melted.

Although I was a tad bit disappointed with the random, useless facts, they tied the story together and in the end, the story of Lilly was told.

It definitely wasn't a waste of my money so if you are an avid Lilly lover, I would recommend reading it and learning more about the Queen of Pink and Green.

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