I've been wanting to get more into make-up for a while now; I have my usual routine but I wanted to take some products out and add some new ones.

I never spend money on make-up, I never saw the point. Why buy a $30 mascara when you could buy one just as good for $10? I never saw the difference.

I received a $50 gift card to Bloomingdales for Christmas and honestly, what is $50 going to get me at Bloomingdales? Nothing basically so I decided to spend it on some good make-up.

After doing some research, I decided that Benefit Cosmetics was the most practical for me; I wanted some fun products that could add to my routine; I didn't need any lip-glosses, eyeliner, mascara, or anything typical. I wanted something new and different.

Benefit is FILLED with different products for parts of your face you never thought you would use make up for.'

Bloomingdales doesn't carry Benefit in the store I went too so I researched some products online and went to Sephora to try them on.

Well, turns out Bloomingdales didn't have all the products I wanted so I ordered some from them and some from Sephora.

I love ordering from Sephora! You get so many fun extras and it makes spending money so much more enjoyable.

From Sephora I ordered Benefit's "Ooh La Lift" which is an under eye "cream" (it's really not a cream but I don't know how else to describe it) that gives you the impression that you have had an eye lift; it also covers the bags under your eyes.

When I apply it, I see a major difference! This product sounds like a hoax but it's honestly crazy how much this actually does work.

That cost me around $22 but if you spend $25, you got a deluxe free sample of a beauty product that you got to pick from a few select choices. I couldn't pass up a deal like that! I searched the sale section and found Sephora brand Supreme Foaming Cleanser which doubles as a make up remover and regular face cleanser.

I read mixed reviews on it but I think it works great; it takes my make up off better than regular cream and my face is so smooth afterwards.

My free deluxe sample was another Benefit product, "The POREfessional" which is almost like a foundation to cover up your pores. You can apply it before or after you apply the rest of your makeup; it is so light weight and made my skin look incredibly smooth. I'm definitely going to have to buy the full size of this.

Because I'm a beauty insider for Sephora, I got a free birthday gift, a  "Fresh Sugar Lip Balm" pack with a regular lip balm and a red tinted one.

With that one purchase, I also got my three free samples: Urban Decay BB cream, Shaveworks: The Cool Fix, and a sample of the best smelling cologne on the planet, Hugo Boss Bottled Night.

I was so pleased with all the extras I got in the order, it's one of the reasons I love Sephora so much.

For the last Benefit product, I ordered from Bloomingdales and it's called "High Brow" which is a fat eyebrow pencil that is a light pink and gives the illusion that your eyebrows are lifted. This was the product I was most impressed by and worked the best. The difference is so noticeable it's actually scary and makes you wonder how they did that.

These products are all equally amazing. They work better than I ever expected and they have changed the way I look at make-up. 

I am now hooked on Benefit Cosmetics. 

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