Merry Christmas Eve!

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Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

I almost like Christmas Eve better than the day because the excitement builds! You see your presents under the tree, you go to eat with your family, and then you just want to go to sleep so you can wake up !

I love Christmas, the entire season but this year I'm a bit of a grinch because I feel like Christmas doesn't feel like Christmas. It's disappointing. 

My mom says it's because I'm getting older which is probably the reason but still, I wish I felt more Christmasy.

I think as the day goes on, I'll get more excited, hopefully.

I'm heading to my grandma's house to be with my dad's family and eat the delicious seven fishes that us Italians take pride in on Christmas Eve.

How are you spending the night before Christmas?

Enjoy the night everyone! Hope Santa is good to you tomorrow morning !

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