I know I say it every single month but you really need to go sign up for Birchbox. It is so worth the $10 a month; everything about Birchbox is just wonderful!

This month Birchbox spiced up the box because of the Holiday season that we're currently in and that was a nice little surprise!

As usual, there were great products that I can't wait to use!

I've used BB Cream before, that provided by Birchbox, but now that CC cream is becoming a "thing", I can't wait to see how this treats my skin!

This lipgloss is basically full size and has a trusty little mirror on the opposite side. I applied it as soon as I opened the box and I love it! I haven't really been in a lipgloss mood but this is pretty good. The color in the bottle is hot pink but when applied to your lips, it's more neutral and only has a tint of pink. It's not too sticky and stays on pretty long. Definitely adding that to my beauty regime!

This sample shampoo is a pretty great size for a "sample". I haven't used it but I will the next time I wash my hair.

I have always had a soft spot for Nicole Richie; she cleaned up her act beautifully with hubby Joel Madden and her two gorgeous children. I love her! Her perfume is AMAZING! I want to buy a full size ASAP. It has a fresh, floral like scent but it's not overpowering. It's sweet but just enough to not make you sick. It's incredible; one of the best perfumes I've tried in a while.

This is the Birchbox bonus for this month and I'm pretty happy. I love hand sanitizer and use it more than I should so two hand sanitizer wipes is a great bonus. I haven't tried them yet but I'm excited to.

Also, as an added bonus, I received $50 off an order of $125 or more on RentTheRunaway.com ! How exciting is that? I've never used RentTheRunway but now I have a reason to!

Go sign up for Birchbox! You will not regret it :)

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