Hurricane Sandy is a bitch. I don't know how else to start this off but I am truly devastated over what this hurricane has done to the east coast/tri-state area.

My neighborhood and surrounding areas look like a warzone; the National Guard is stationed in my town and there isn't expected to be electricity for another week.

Homes are flooded and burned down to nothing, almost everyone lost their cars, including my mother. 

I came home last night from school because I just wanted to be with my mom and family; I couldn't bare to be at school, living normally while everyone I know and love was suffering.

When I saw what this hurricane did to my neighborhood, I bursted into tears. Everything I know and love is destroyed, there is nothing left. 

I never thought I would see devastation like this, never in my life did I think this was possible. No one should ever experience what my friends and family are experiencing right now.

There is one neighborhood, Breezy Point, Queens, whom got hit VERY badly. I know so many people who live there and there were 110 homes which burned to the ground. This is a very close knit community and this is such a diaster that happened to them.

There is a website up to donate money to rebuild Breezy Point so if you're reading and have a few extra bucks, donate it to helping everyone rebuild Breezy.

This is a horrific time in New York and it seems that there will never be relief but New Yorkers are strong. We are the people who rebuilt after 9/11, New Yorkers are resilient and we bounce back fast.

Hurricane Sandy will not destroy us, she will make us stronger.

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