I took a trip to Five Below last weekend and was surely shocked by all the goodies they had. Five Below, for those of you who don't know is a store where everything is $5 and below.

I thought that it would be cheap, bad quality goods like a 99 cent store but I was really wrong.

I bought some baskets, an umbrella, a William and Kate book, and Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish strips.

I have been looking at these strips for a while, ever since they came out but I was very skeptical of them. They are pretty expensive at $8 a box but they are so cute! 

At Five Below, the strips were $4 so I took the chance and purchased pink polka dot nail polish strips.

I had them in my draw for a week and finally used them today. They are a little complicated to use, especially because I am not crafty and my hand coordination with anything that requires a straight line is terrible.

Despite my lack of artistic gene, I put the strips on my nails anyway and was proven correct..they came out horribly.

In the package, there are 15 strips of all different sizes and shapes to fit to your nails; also, a cuticle stick and buffer/nail file is included.

It took me a lot longer to put the strips on than painting my nails because I had to cut down the strips to a perfect size so it didn't look messy or bumpy.

I was stupid in the sense that I took a shower a few hours after putting the strips on and some of them became deformed but still remained in good shape.

In the end, I thought the nails were okay looking but they felt wrong. It actually felt like stickers or tape were on my nails and it felt very unnatural. I didn't like the feeling; I much prefer nail polish.

I removed the strips with nail polish remover and they were slightly difficult to get off but when they did, my nails were very smooth. I then painted my nails with regular polish, one of my favorites, Essie "Master Plan", a greyish color.

I do like the strips and would probably buy another package but they do take a lot of patience to put on and you must push your cuticles back and file your nails down to size.

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