Target is Dangerous

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I love Target...but who doesn't?

It has everything you do and don't need. Please show me a person who has walked into Target and never walked out without purchasing something? It has EVERYTHING!

That's why whenever I go, it's really dangerous and not good for my bank account.

It's approaching the end of August which means that I'm heading back to school so I had to go school supply/dorm shopping. What place is better than Target for all your dorm needs?

I got the necessary things like a comforter and sheets and notebooks and all that good stuff but it wouldn't be a Target trip if I didn't get something I really didn't need.

That's why I bought some stationary, a really cute shirt, and a pair of yoga pants.

I saw this shirt and just HAD to have it! It's adorable and really "in" right now between the high collar, the polka dots, and the crop like style. It looks really nice on and is a great silky material. Plus, it was only $17.

I've been meaning to buy some blank notecards to just have around incase I ever get 
the strong urge to write a letter to someone. I've been looking around
for the perfect set but everything is too expensive and I can't justify
spending a lot of money on paper goods.

That's why Target is the best! I found these adorable notecards on sale for $3.00.
They're just blank notecards but I love the city skyline on the front, SO CUTE!

I can't wait to use them!

Also, I just got a plain black pair of yoga pants for $15; such a steal!

Target is just the best, you can never go wrong!

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  1. I don't think I've ever left Target without purchasing something, and I go once a week! It's heaven on earth. Do their yoga pants fit well? That seems like an amazing price!

  2. yes! they fit great! I have a pair of Victoria Secrets yoga pants which are amazing and the Target ones are just as great :)