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On Tuesday I embarked on a leadership retreat that my college was sponsoring for all student leaders in the upcoming academic year.

They hold the retreat at a campsite in Pennsylvania every year and this year, since I was on the Greek Governing E-Board at my college, I got to go!

It was truly a wonderful experience where I learned SO much about myself and what type of leader I am but also learned a lot more about my peers, their personalities, and the organizations they belong to on campus.

I was there with a few of my sisters, a select few other members of Greek life, and a lot of familiar faces I've seen on campus. I definitely bonded with a lot more people outside Greek life between rope courses and leadership seminars and activities, it was great.

It got me thinking about my leadership role this year and in life; it made me see things a bit differently. I've always had a bit of a drive inside of me to be a leader but I never knew where to start.

Greek Life has given me that opportunity and I'm so grateful for the experience that I had this week and the experience that I will have this year serving on my first executive board ever!

Greek Life is a WONDERFUL thing; it has changed my life completely and I know it will continue to change my life for years to come.

Being a leader, a leader of any type is a gift and maybe it's not for everyone but everyone is a different person with a different personality and will be a different leader but if you like what you're doing, it doesn't matter your role, just do what you love and what you're passionate about.

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