It's August 1st which means summer is almost over and if you're a college student, it means school starts in a little more than 3 weeks.

School supply shopping is among us and it's my favorite time of the year! Notebooks, pens, school bags...I love it all. I'm a nerd, sorry.

Also, if you're like me, you have an obsession with finding the perfect planner to fit all your school needs. If I don't have the perfect, most organized planner, my year just isn't the same.

This year I decided to engage my sorority girl and buy my first Lilly Pulitzer Agenda.

There were SO many different choices and for an indecisive person like myself, that was really difficult.

In the end I decided to get the classic Large Agenda in the Dirty Shirley Pattern and it is more than I could've ever asked for.

There is so much inside this planner; pages of full month calendars, separate sections for each month with a typical planner interior, and then a bunch of fun pages like Notes, Dates to Celebrate, Names and Addresses, and it even comes with two pages of cool Lilly/preppy stickers.

It's beautiful.

I could already tell that my life will be crazy organized in all of the Lilly goodness that comes with this agenda and can proudly say that I will probably never buy another planner for the rest of my life.

I will most likely continue to buy this planner forever, even after I leave school because agendas make life so much more organized and an organized life is just so much better!

I received my agenda back at the end of June and have been waiting patiently for August 1st so I could start writing things down in it, preparing for the school year and the day has finally arrived!

I'll be spending August 1st with my Lilly agenda, will you?

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