As my previous post states, I'm obsessed with my Lilly Pulitzer Agenda. On the website, they don't really show you the inside pages so here's an inside look into the best agenda ever!

The story of how Lilly Pulitzer came to be...a perfect way to start the agenda

The first set of monthly calendars; this is August and you could see that
it's already fill. I'm excited

The Dates to Remember Pages. I love this because you don't 
have to clog your calendar pages with important dates
like birthdays or shopping trips or events, you have this page
and your calendar clear for everything else.

Reasons to Party in 2013; this is just pure fun.
All the big holidays and not so much celebrated holidays.
It's definitely an excuse to celebrate and party!

Most planners and agendas come with this page but I rarely use it.
Maybe since these pages are so pretty, I'll actually write
down people's contact information...

This is just a few blank note pages which are indeed to come
in handy; my planners are usually always filled with post it notes
and scribbles because I have too many things
to remember; this page will definitely come in handy.
I already wrote down my schedule for the Fall semester on one of them.

Every month starts off like this, with a colorful and decorative intro 
and an adorable quote to describe the month ahead.
It just makes your day a little brighter on the first.

And finally the normal agenda pages where you can write down
anything and everything that needs to be done on said day.

All in all, this agenda is more useful than I could've ever imagine and like I said previously
I will probably buy this agenda forever.

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