All girls need that one "role model" or person that they look up too. We all have that one person who just gets us and who we aspire to be like.

A lot of teenage girls would say their mother, their aunt, or their grandmother are their role models and idols. I definitely agree but my idols and role models always were out of reach, fictional characters or actresses or singers...someone famous.

I have found a new phrase to not sound so corny when it comes to role models and idols; I like to say "spiritual animal".

I have a few spiritual animals but my favorite one, the one I love more than anything is...Miss. Carrie Bradshaw.


Sex and the City was definitely a little before my time; I was too young when it first came out on HBO and for years after that, I never really caught on. Then, one day I took my mom's DVDs and sat on the couch for two weeks watching all six seasons.

I immediately fell in love and identified with Carrie Bradshaw.

I mean really, we all know who we are, we are either a Carrie, a Samantha, a Charlotte, or a Miranda. I am the biggest "Carrie" you will ever meet.

I've lived in NYC all my life, love boys, love fashion, and am studying to be a journalist. I have insanely curly hair, fall in love too quickly, enjoy a nice drink, and my friends mean the world to me.

There are so many reasons why I feel like I am destined to be Carrie Bradshaw. She is just amazing. She is a normal woman, living in New York, making her dreams come true, and just living life the way she wants too. Carrie makes mistakes...dam she's made a lot of them but she never lets them define her.

Bradshaw goes after what she wants and even if she trips along the way, she puts those heels back on and doesn't give up.

Her relationship with Mr. Big was so complicated but such a lesson for her and women everywhere. In the beginning it was so fun, so wild, she was head over heels and didn't know which way was up,

Then it got the best of her, she let a man define who she was and how she acted. That's how in love Carrie was with Big.

I think it taught me that you could love a man beyond words but that doesn't mean he's good for you. He can say the sweetest things in the world and sweep you off your first but it could all mean shit.

He broke her heart more times than I could count and she kept giving him second chances and in the end, it did pay off.

It wasn't the perfect relationship but it was perfect for her, in the end.

Carrie always has the best advice, her words have kept me going. I'm the type of person that needs a quote or  a saying to get through the day. I have many life mottos and Carrie Bradshaw has given me plenty of mottos to live by.

This is silly I guess but I have really curly hair and I always straightened it. I hated my curly locks, they were too unruly, too frizzy, not pretty enough. Then after discovering SATC and Carrie Bradshaw, I saw that she had unruly hair, her curls were wild and it gave me a little boost of confidence to wear my hair naturally.

It might sound stupid but it's just something that really sticks out to me.

Not to mention, she has the most insane fashion sense and makes everything look good. A pink tutu? A newspaper dress? That gorgeous green dress she wore in Paris?

Carrie is a fashion icon.

I don't really care if she's fictional...Carrie Bradshaw is amazing in my eyes. She symbolizes a sense of hope for me. She says things and does things that I'm afraid to say or do.

Carrie Bradshaw is someone I model myself after.. I am myself, my own person, but Carrie has gotten me there.

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