Sales to Shop This Weekend | Lilly Pulitizer

The one good thing that has happened in quarantine? Lilly Pulitzer has been killing it with sales recently... and it's very unusual for the brand. They usually have two sales a year and they are dubbed the After Party Sales which come in August & January. Otherwise, the brand does not have sales or promos on their website.

Within the past few weeks, Lilly has had two major sales: a 30% off sale and then a tiered promo sale that is happening right now. You can get 30% off $100, 40% off $250 and 50% off $500.

As mentioned in my round-up post this week, I wanted to take it easy on shopping but when it comes to clothes, I bend my rules. I don't shop for clothes very often and especially now, with the warm weather coming I need more casual, loungewear clothes that aren't sweatshirts and thick leggings.

I figured this was too good of a deal to pass up and I needed to pick up some casual Lilly clothes. I have enough dresses and who knows if I'll even get to wear them this summer so I limited myself to no fancy wear.

Below is what I picked up from the sale:
Here are some items I think are worth looking at if you want to shop!
The sale ends on Monday so happy shopping!