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Current Lilly Pulitzer Favorites | August 2018

I mentioned it a few weeks ago that I was in the midst of a full blown Lilly Pulitzer obsession. I even wrote a blog post about my favorite new arrivals.

 My love for the colorful brand was reignited by the purchase of my planner and my Swell Bottle. Ever since I have purchased so many preloved Lilly items, bought a new dress, and have been pulling out my older Lilly Pulitzer phone cases.

There is something that makes me so happy about the bright prints and funky patterns. When I look at my collection and inside my handbags and see all the bright pink accessories, it just puts a huge smile on my face.

I wanted to talk about my current Lilly favorites that I simply cannot get enough of recently! Some are old, some are new, some are preloved...

1. Agenda: This was the first year I purchased the medium agenda and it's been such a game changer. There is still a ton of room for me to write and feel comfortable but it's not too heavy and doesn't take up a ton of room in my bag. I chose a bright pink pattern and I've been loving it so much! My full Royally Planned post can be found here.

2. Swell Bottle: When I heard the Swell Bottles were coming back this summer after they sold out crazy fast last year, I was ready to tackle the checkout process. I set an alarm for it and purchase mine within a few seconds on the Lilly app. I was so nervous about them selling out but they are still available!! I've had a Swell bottle before and hated it (I think I got a knockoff from Amazon) but my Lilly one has been amazing. It's not too heavy, keeps my water cold all day, even when it's in a hot car, and it truly a bright spot day in and day out. I've tried a lot of water bottles over the years but I'm confident that this one is my favorite! For reference, I purchased the 17oz bottle in the Seasalt Blue Swell Shell We Dance print.

3. Neck Pillow: For some odd reason I got it in my head that I needed a neck pillow. I wanted one to use while I'm laying in bed, watching TV and reading. The way I usually hold my head was getting uncomfortable and I just felt like a neck pillow would help. Well, when I was on my Lilly Pulitzer pre-love kick, I saw the neck pillow which you can usually find as a GWP during Black Friday or other big holiday weekends, and I jumped at it. I am so thrilled with the purchase and it's been such a big help when I'm relaxing in bed. Plus, the print is ideal Lilly and so beautiful and fun!

4. Tech Cases: I've had Lilly phone cases for a while but haven't gotten a lot of use out of them for a while. This kick brought them back out and I've been loving them, for the same reason I love all these Lilly items -- the colors are fun and make me so happy. I've also been using my Lilly laptop case which I got as a Black Friday GWP a few years ago; I tried getting a new Kate Spade laptop case but it didn't work out so I figured I'd stick with Lilly and it's been working out great. I also purchased a new iPad case in my favorite Tusk in Sun print and that's been a lifesaver. *I've been having a hard time finding iPad cases so this has been awesome*

Below are a few items that are currently on my Lilly wishlist-- hopefully I can buy them and review for you soon!