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Royal Round Up: Week 27

This was such an odd, long yet short week. As mentioned previously I was off from last Friday to yesterday. The long weekend + holiday really threw me for a loop. Combine that with oversleeping TWO hours yesterday and being late for work, plus a near empty office and I'm really off my groove.

I'm back at work today, getting things done and preparing for another week. I feel like I just got off a weekend, it's very weird but I feel very relaxed which is always the goal.

I'm happy it's July and it's finally feeling like summer; the heat has been intense the past week and while I usually hate the hot weather, I haven't complained much. It's a little refreshing to me, actually.

However, July means only a few months until Fall; July means halfway to Christmas; July means the Nordstrom Anniversary sale ... July isn't that bad of a month! There's a lot of fun stuff happening this month too; a few get togethers with some friends, the Taylor Swift Concert, possibly a conference or two. I'm excited!

I love my new makeup bag. Get it here

Speaking of conferences... if you've been a reader for a while you know how much I love the Her Campus HerConference. I've been to almost every conference since 2012 and that's a pretty cool record in my opinion. It's ideal for college aged women but honestly, I still find it so inspiring even 4 years after graduating.

For the past few years they've been beefing up their Influencer track and I really have been going for that aspect and it's really cool. They have the best speakers, awesome brand sponsors, the best goody bags and I mean, listening to Windsor and the other Her Campus founders is so amazing. I leave there every year truly inspired and full of energy to get after my dreams.

This year the conference is on July 21st & 22nd in NYC -- get your tickets here! 

Now onto the links I loved this week!

Here's what you missed on Royally Pink: