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Monthly Muse: September 2017 Favorites

September seemed like an awfully long month and I'm happy about that -- I hate when months fly by and you feel like you accomplished nothing. I love when the months are long because I get to relish every day and of course, I want my favorite season and favorite months of the year to go by at a snail's pace.

September isn't my favorite month but it's the start of Fall and I have been enjoying all my Pumpkin Spice favorites all month long. I don't think I'll ever get sick of Fall or everything that comes with the season... it's just utterly perfect in my mind.

This September was an odd month. I was not in a great place; I was very depressed and anxious all the time and I'm not sure why that was. As of today, I'm feeling better but who knows what tomorrow will bring.

In October, I have so much going on and I'm really happy about that because I'll be super busy and it'll be filled with fun.

I feel like I did a lot of shopping this month but don't really have anything to show for it... coming up with these favorites were actually hard and they are a bit random, so just warning ya!

1. The POPSUGAR App: See, random! POPSUGAR has always been one of my favorite websites and one of the few websites that I have and actually use their app. All month long I've been obsessed with reading everything on their website and my favorite thing to do is to lay in bed on a weekend morning and read everything in the app on my iPad. All the writers are so talented and I just love to absorb everything on the site!

2. iPhone stand: This may count as cheating because I've only had it for the last 2 weeks of the month but I'm obsessed. I got the idea from Jackie O Problems on her morning show 'The Morning Breath' and immediately ordered one from Amazon. It's a little metal stand that holds your iPhone or tablet (I'm currently watching Stranger Things on my iPad that is still on the stand) and it's so handy. I feel more professional (if that even makes sense) because I feel like I have two screens. It's nice to have your iPhone or tablet level with you instead of always on the desk and you have to look down at it. I highly suggest getting one!

3. Kate Spade Kane Cardholder: I ordered this new cardholder this month and I'm obsessed! The scallop detailing with the black and beige coloring screams fall to me and I cannot get enough. It also feels a little heavier than my other Kate Spade cardholder and a little more durable... it's amazing!

4.  Kate Spade Olive Drive Bridgette: I want to do a dedicated post/video on this bag so I won't get too crazy in depth but I'm obsessed with this bag. It's the perfect fall bag and I love the bow detail on the front. I have the dusty pink color and it's so pretty. I have hardly used another bag since getting this at the end of August and whenever I don't use it, I get very sad. I haven't loved a bag like this in a while!

5. Anastasia Matte Lipstick: When I heard Anastasia was coming out with regular lipsticks I kept a close eye on Sephora.com for when they would be released. When they finally were, I chose the shade 'Latte' and I wore it for the first time this month. These look like liquid lipsticks when applied on the lips but feel like a regular matte lipstick. The color latte screams fall because it's the perfect brown shade and I know I will be wearing this constantly this season!

What did you love this month?