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Beauty in Review: Lip Oils

I love a good beauty trend: highlighting, contouring, and everything in between. I love a good skincare treatment, or anything that will help make my skin better.

That's why, when I saw that lip oils were about to become a hot trend late last year, I got really excited. I was skeptical at first because the thought of slathering an oil on my lips wasn't enticing. After doing a little more research, lip oils are a mixture of a balm, a gloss, and an actual oil. They have great hydrating properties, keep your lips smooth and soft, but don't feel thick and slimy on your lips like some lip balms.

I have found that lip oils give a great tint to the lips and are a good alternative to lip gloss, or a tinted lip balm. The staying power is better than you would expect from an oil and they don't feel sticky on your lips. I actually prefer these over lip balms because they feel like they're actually doing something.

If you were hesitant to try lip oils, I promise you, you won't regret it. A lot of brands have been coming out with lip oils recently and I've tried to get my hands on as many as possible, because like I said, I have a slight addiction. I keep one in every makeup bag/purse and usually rely on these when I'm out and about instead of a lip balm.

Lancome Juicy ShakerLaura Geller Soft & Sultry Lip Treatment

I don't necessarily think I like any of these over another one -- they're all easy to apply and similar in consistency. I will say that the Hourglass is slightly thicker than the rest, and the thinnest formula is definitely the Sephora brand.

The Sephora brand was the first one I tried and it really set the bar for all the other lip oils. My favorite one, if I had to choose, is probably the YSL because it's the perfect combination of hydration, shininess, and consistency on the lips.

Have you ever tried a lip oil? What are your thoughts?