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Sick Days

Excuse me if this sounds incredibly odd but I enjoy being sick. Wait, I'm not some kind of masocist who likes pain but I just enjoy having an excuse to sit around and do nothing.

I'm the queen of relaxing and I'd be lying if I said Sunday afternoon was the first time I left my house since Friday...mostly because I was sick all weekend but that's not an unusual occurrence. I am so not the typical 22 year old.

Last week was a bad week physically for me. My throat felt like it was on fire and I could barely eat because it felt like there was a lump in my throat. When I diagnosed myself from WebMD, I thought I was dying but in reality, I knew I had strep throat.

I was more than happy to relax and get myself better over the weekend, mostly because strep throat is the most annoying sickness to have.

So, I laid on the couch, read magazines and watched TV all weekend and it was glorious. I feel so much better and ready to take on the week ahead!

When I'm sick, all I want to do is lounge in leggings and sweatshirts. I have two pairs of leggings, both from Aerie and they're tight but so comfortable. Also, I'll wear whatever comfortable sweatshirt I could find, usually a sorority sweatshirt but sometimes I'll throw on one that's a tad more acceptable.

Give me a pair of fuzzy sucks, my UGG slippers and I'm good to go. Sick days require no makeup—at all but my lips are super chapped so I love my Maybelline Babylips to keep them hydrated. Sit me on the couch, with a comfortable, fuzzy blanket and give my Netflix and I'm set. 

Sick Days

Sick Days by royallypink featuring black leggings

Aside from being comfortable, I need some entertainment and to try to feel better. I never eat soup but when I'm sick, I crave it. I always keep my Lilly Pulitzer tumbler filled to the brim with ice water to keep my body hydrated and occasionally I'll sip on tea to soothe my throat. 

I also always have magazines and my iPad on hand—to read books and watch youtube videos. Usually when I'm sick I'll binge watch a Netflix series but sometimes I just want to be entertained with something I've already seen so I go back to episodes of my new favorite show, Californication.


SickDays2 by royallypink on Polyvore

Shop my sick day picks below! 

What do you do on your sicks days?