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Friday Five

Here we are, another week came and went. Time goes by way too fast nowadays; can I get someone to tell Father Time I need a breather? I feel like my days just fly by and it's really uncool. It also doesn't help that graduation is in three weeks and I'm bugging out. I know I keep talking about it but I really can't get myself out of denialland.

1. The Best Things About Being a Basic Bitch: Cosmo always has these great, hilarious articles that make me crack up but also are 100% true. This week, my favorite article has to be about being "basic". I hear this phrase everywhere and usually it's a bad thing but if being basic is wrong, I don't want to be right because I do everything on this list and I love it.

2. Prince George: I literally cannot even with this child. The Royal Tour in Australia and New Zealand has been on my radar for the past few weeks and I can't even enough. Seeing Prince George along with his mummy and daddy has brought a smile to my face every single day. He is such a little nugget and the fact that he is so comfortable in front of the camera is even funnier. I'm obsessed!

3. "Welcome to the Real World": I feel like I don't go a day without thinking or talking about graduation, jobs, or the real world, lately. It's annoying but necessary. I've also been blogging about it a lot because I just have so much to say. I've talked about Intern Queen here a lot and Lauren Berger came out with a new book this week all about what it takes to make it in the real world. I ordered it yesterday and I can't wait to get my hands on it. I'll post a review when I'm finished reading!

4. Spring Nails: The weather this week was glorious so that calls for one thing and one thing only...bright nail polish! I love when the seasons change because that means I'm allowed to switch up my polish colors. I do have a special place in my heart for my deep, dark polish colors but there is nothing more exciting than wearing a bright pink or pastel green on your nails. I bought two new Essie colors in the past three weeks and I used them up already. "Sittin Pretty" is a gorgeous neon purple color while "Resort Fling" is a peachy, orange that I paired with the hot pink color called "Watermelon". I'm obsessed.

5. Graduation Dress: I don't know if I mentioned this already but I really, really want to wear a Lilly dress on graduation. My mom said she'd buy it as my graduation gift but OMG I want it right now. How beautiful is this Robyn Short Sleeve dress in Behind the Gate print? GIVE ME NOW.

Happy Friday everyone!