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Beauty in Review: Maybelline

Last week I ran out of everything: mascara, foundation, eyebrow pencil. My make up bag was crying and I was pretty much faceless. 

I ran to CVS and stalked the beauty aisle until I found my lovely FIT Me Stick Foundation by Maybelline. I decided to purchase one shade darker than I usually do and it made a hint of a difference in my routine. Instead of getting Natural Beige 220, I got Natural Buff 230. It's a little bit darker but definitely covers up more. 

Then I was searching for mascaras that would satisfy my needs. I've been in a love/hate relationship with mascaras lately (that's a whole other post) and was in want and need of a simple lash curler that I could rock during the day. I ended up choosing trusty pink and green, Maybelline's Great Lash. 

Then came the search for an eyebrow pencil. CVS surprisingly was running very, very low in the pencil market. I couldn't find any from any beauty brand! Maybelline came in clutch once again and I bought a package of two brown eyebrow pencils. They aren't the greatest but they will do for now.

I lost my red lipstick months ago and have been in the market for a new one since. I thought I'd stick with my Maybelline trend and purchased this gorgeous color titled Red Revival. It is the perfect shade of winter red, not too fire truck but a deep wine.

I usually am not brand loyal when it comes to make-up. I stick with what I like and mix brands all the time. Maybelline seems to have been on their A-game recently or I wouldn't have thought to pick up all these goodies!

What is your favorite make-up brand lately?