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Spring Has Sprung With Lilly Pulitzer

I have a love for Lilly Pulitzer.

My sorority sisters and friends make fun of me for it because everything in my bag is Lilly: my notebooks, planners, phone cases, my binder covers..everything.

I just love it and I can't explain why.

That being said, I don't own any Lilly clothes, just accessories and I'm fine with that. My college budget doesn't call for a $300 Lilly Pulitzer dress but that doesn't mean I can't dream, right?

Lilly's spring collection was released this week and the new prints are pretty amazing. Most of the stuff I love is from Lifeguard Press, just because they have the latest prints in all accessories but on the actual Lilly site, I've been day dreaming about purchasing a few items.

As you can see, my taste in clothes is very simple, nothing crazy, especially when it comes to Lilly's bold prints. As for accessories, my favorite new product is the wireless battery charger. I saw these on J.Crew a month or two ago but the fact that Lilly has one now makes everything better.

This is definitely my favorite print. It's called "Lucky Charms," and I'm simply obsessed with it. I love pink and blue and I think this print really captures what Lilly is all about. It's not over the top but it's still very much a spring print. 

I'll probably buy a mug and an iPAD case in  this print too. Sorry to my credit card and bank account.

I really like Lilly's spring collection; the new prints are great and I think the new dresses and outfits are simple but beautiful.

I want to save up and buy a Lilly dress but I know that'll be hard, especially since my accessory buying habit will be up and running on LifeguardPress.com