Oh June, what a month that passed in the blink of an eye. I don't even know what happened this month -- my work-life balance was in the toilet, I saw friends, I did some home projects and my mental health felt a lot better than it has. 

It was a fine month -- nothing of importance but I've had worse. I'm excited for July though! My mom is moving so I'll be busy helping her; I'm planning on more home projects and would love to find a pool to swim in. Pools are truly my happy place and I always feel so relaxed and tired after swimming all day. 

I would also love to focus more on my life, which sounds really weird. I've been very disconnected from the things that make me happy over the past few months like reading, writing, and being with friends. I feel like I don't have the mental capacity to do anything besides scroll on my phone. I've felt like this for a while and I think I hit a little bit of a breaking point this month. It's like being frozen in time, when you know you want to do other things but can't help but scroll and scroll and scroll...

We'll see if July changes things for me! 

I loved so many things this month -- some were new, some were already in my collection but they were all well loved and well used. I definitely need to try to do a no buy month for July; I haven't had a successful one since January so I'm definitely due. We'll see what happens... 

For now, let's get into everything I loved.

Tory Burch Fleming Chain Tote

I cannot believe I haven't spoken about this bag on the blog yet! The Tory Burch Fleming Soft Chain Tote is a newer bag in Tory Burch's line and has been my most used bag for the past three months. I cannot get enough. It is a gorgeous, buttery soft everyday tote that fits so much but never feels heavy or overstuffed. It's smaller than a Louis Vuitton Neverfull so it doesn't look too cumbersome when you're toting it around everyday but I still feel very chic when I use it.

I actually have to stop myself from using it and force myself to use a different bag sometimes. It's comfortable, beautiful, and easy to wear. I bought it pre-loved on eBay because it retails for $700 and as much as I love it, I'm not paying that much for a Tory Burch bag. I have a full YouTube video on it if you want to learn more and I'll probably do a dedicated blog post at some point. 

Rhode Skin Peptide Lip Tint in Toast 

Lip balms are so hot right now and I've been trying them all! While I have my favorites, I'm never going to turn a new one away so when I was placing a restock order of my rhode skincare I figured, let me try the lip tint. When Hailey Bieber first launched her brand, I tried the peptide lip treatment and I liked it, but then it got too sticky for my liking. I figured maybe the lip tints were different and I was right! I got the shade Toast, of course, a pinky neutral, and I can't get enough! It's the perfect amount of glossy, tacky, hydrating. It's become my everyday shade that is always in my handbag.

Amazon Double Ring 

I've been on the hunt for jewelry that makes me feel chic and put together, while being minimal and stylish. I feel like I'm constantly seeing women on social media with perfectly curated and jangly jewelry pieces and it feels so fun and elegant to me, and I just need to replicate it. While I want to invest in expensive, quality pieces, I'm a creature who craves instant gratification so I've been adding pieces to my Amazon cart. One of my favorite pieces is this interlocking, double ring from Pavoi and it truly adds such a statement to any outfit while still remaining subtle enough that it can be worn anywhere. 

What have you loved this month? 
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