January was 400 days long but honestly, I'll take it. Far too often I start these monthly favorite posts saying that the month flew by so I'm really happy that life took it's time over the past 31 days. I have to say, January was pretty good. It was normal, nothing out of the ordinary (which is always welcome) and I started it off on the right foot.

I'll be writing more about this in the coming weeks but I did a no buy January so I did not buy anything frivolous this month. It felt really good but was also really difficult at times; I'll definitely be doing it again and each month I think I'll make a new set of rules for myself to abide by. 

Because January was a no buy month, I was able to be more intentional with the items I already own and discover some new (and old) favorites.

Amazon Towel Warmer

I got this towel warmer for Christmas from my mom and it is one of the best gifts I've ever received. Ever since I discovered that this was a thing people had in their homes it was something I had on my wishlist for when I moved into my own place. A towel warmer is such a game changer for a nightly routine. I throw my pajamas and towel in it before I shower and when I come out, everything is warm. Putting on warm pajamas or wrapping yourself in a warm towel before getting into bed is truly next level. 

Cetaphil Body Wash

This is a very random favorite but for all my dry skin & eczema prone people out there, it needs to be mentioned. I've been using Aveeno Body Wash for years because it's what my dermatologist recommended and I need something for sensitive skin, because my legs get so incredibly itchy & dry, to the point where I wake up bleeding because I scratch in my sleep. Aveeno has been working for a while but there were still moments where that itchy feeling would come back. When I ran out of it and need a restock, my stores were out of stock so I picked up this Cetaphil Gentle Body Wash. I figured Cetaphil would be a great alternative and it's even better than I could imagine. It's so lathery, doesn't dry your skin out and the best part? I haven't had a single itch on my skin since I started using it. It's life changing for my eczema prone skin and I will never use anything else.

The Skinny Confidential Butter Brush

Whenever Lauryn Bosstick releases a new product I am always on the edge of my seat. She always kills it and gives us something that is already a staple but elevated. I'm so lucky to receive most of her products in PR and when I was asked if I wanted to receive the Butter Brush I knew it was a no brainer. I love a dry brush and have been dry brushing for years, but every brush I've ever used is too scratchy, too small and leaves my skin feeling worse than before. I knew Lauryn was going to knock it out of the park and she did! The large, long handle is perfect for maneuvering along your body and the packed bristles are soft yet effective. It feels so good on the skin and doesn't leave me scratched up afterwards. It's such a good addition to my body care routine!

Blanquil Weighted Blanket

I've mentioned this so many times before but I need to mention it again because it saved me this month. My sleeping has been horrible and I finally just gave up and started sleeping with my weighted blanket every night instead of my comforter. I go to sleep immediately, sleep through the night and feel so safe and snuggled in it. If you suffer from insomnia, if your mind is always anxious at night, if you can't stay asleep during the night, your sleeping habits will be changed by a weighted blanket.

What did you love the most in January?

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