My Word of the Year.

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While I hate New Year's Eve, I really love the idea of a new year and a fresh start. I've always made resolutions and goals, and while I don't always stick to them I feel good setting them. A few years ago I saw a few people talking about their word of the year and I liked the idea of that as well.

A word of the year is one that you try to emulate throughout the next 365 days. It could be something you want to bring into your life, something you want to try more of, a mantra that you want to repeat to yourself as a daily reminder...your word of the year can really be anything you want it to be.

Last year I chose 'present' as my word of the year to try to channel a more present energy in my life. I realized that I wasn't very present in my life. I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop, for the next thing to happen instead of standing in the present and soaking up my life.

I think in 2023 I did a great job at being present. There were days where I was still inside my head and couldn't focus on anything happening in that moment but I made a ton of progress. 

That being said, I figured I needed a word for 2024 and that word is...

I used to be a person who was organized, disciplined, and planned every moment of my day. I'm not sure when that stopped; maybe it was in my mid twenties, maybe it was in the middle of a global pandemic...but either way, it's been a struggle for me to find my way back to this person.

I am not consistent in almost anything I do. I go weeks without exercising, I can't seem to stick to a content creating schedule outside of this blog, and a writing routine for me is nonexistent when it comes to the book I'm working on. 

I need to be more consistent because I know it would make my life better. Consistency would give me everything I want and make me who I want to be, so I need to be consistent.

It's not just in routines or what I want to accomplish, it's in my relationships. I need to be more consistent with trying to date, with making plans with my friends and just speaking to people on a more regular basis. 

Consistency is key to everything and I'm determined to try my hand at it in 2024. 

What is your word of the year?

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